Encore Brands is a company founded to manage, license, acquire and generate brands for the next generation of consumers.

With a team of experienced partners and the ability to deploy the company’s resources selectively, our goal is to provide superior long term returns by improving the value of brands our company has a stake in.

By having our eyes and ears to Main Street we are able to stay in the traffic of brands that have not yet realized their full potential and stand ready to seize the most promising opportunities we encounter should the conditions be appropriate.

Our belief is nothing impacts a brands perception among consumers more than integrity and execution.

It is these key components of a brands essence that can make or break a brand’s relationship with its customers.

Whether developing, managing, licensing or acquiring, our strategy includes proprietary methodologies designed to maintain a brand’s integrity and combine it with the highest level of execution in order to minimize the possibility of a customer disappointment and maximize the reward for each customers business.

By strictly enforcing these disciplines we can predictably realize an appreciation in a brand’s awareness and ultimately its value over time.