Ecstasy Brand

Recently Encore has acquired the rights to Ecstasy Brand Liqueur. A unique 70 proof enhanced spirit with the flavors of pomegranate and citrus. Unlike the hundreds of retreads of the same old spirits, Ecstasy is the first new spirit capable of providing those looking for a 21st century beverage, a taste and texture unavailable from any of the overly hyped 500 times distilled me-to products they are currently bombarded with.

Ecstasy Brand Liqueur is arguably the most unique spirit ever developed. Clear in color, this pomegranate flavored liqueur is infused with exotic herbs and caffeine. Created from a base of premium vodka, Ecstasy is light and mixes easily with fruit juices and other spirits yet is smooth enough to be consumed straight out of the bottle, which is practically a work of art by itself. Ask for it from your local bartender or local retailer.